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Kayaking New Zealand

Weave through the calm waters of the mangrove forest out to the purest silica sands of the Parengarenga Harbour, NZ's most northern harbour. Kayaking these exquisite turquoise waters is the most beautiful peddle imaginable. The abundant marine life is just fantastic and to watch the sea butterflies (eagle rays) is fascinating. Wild horses are usually seen early mornings as they come out of the bush, and forage on the sea grass that washes up on the shore on high tide. 

With no commercial vessels in or operating on this pristine harbour, this place is recognized as the 3rd cleanest harbour in the world. Why? Because the local people do not want commercial interests to spoil the beauty. That is why we use kayaks and not a 70 foot boat with 100 people on it.


Picture yourself out there. Then casting a fishing line into the water to catch dinner or to release the fish unharmed to fight another day. That’s what NZ is all about; pristine unspoilt beauty!   


Create your ultimate trip by combining kayaking with any other activity. Even to go camping with us is very unique (see our Overnight Camping Trip). With true local guides you really can't beat it. 

No kayaking experience is required.

As there is no mobile phone coverage, you need to contact us at least 3 days in advance.

Price in NZD
Harbour kayaking & fishing - 3 hours
$   85,- p.p. (min. 2 p.)
Harbour kayaking & fishing - 4 hours
$ 150,- p.p. (min. 2 p.)
* Half day kayak hire - single or double
$   85,-
* Full day kayak hire - single or double
$ 125,-





* Kayak hire includes bouyancy aid and paddle


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